Soil Matters

Plant Productivity Flourishes in Healthy, Robust Soils

Imagine a tree, growing in the strangest of places, atop the roof of the Decatur County Courthouse, in Greensburg, Indiana. For more than 150 years, trees have been growing out of this dominant fixture in the community, peaking many visitors’ curiosity. What started as a seedling is now 15 feet tall and has survived merely upon nutrients in the roof dust and moisture in the atmosphere. What makes this possible? Photosynthesis.

What’s the difference between this tree’s environment and most plants? Soil. A nurturing bed for a seedling to grow and the basis for maximizing crop production potential.  The ability for a plant to acquire nutrients from non-fertilized soil is dependent upon the composition of the nutrient and the rate of its mineralization to make it become available in the soil solution.

The basis of all plant growth can be attributed to the availability of an essential supply of water, sunlight, oxygen, and...

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