5 Rs of Nutrient Stewardship

Systems Approach Delivers the Breadth and Depth of Farming Responsibly

Farmers are, without doubt, a critically important resource needed to feed a rapidly growing global population. However, those same producers face a challenging paradox: balancing environmental concerns while maintaining soil productivity and still earning an income.

As advocates for sustainable farming practices, growers attempt to minimize agricultural run-off, reduce nutrient loss in fields, and maximize nutrient uptake. Farmers with tightened budgets are beginning to reexamine their approach to soil and plant health. Many are taking a close look at the 4Rs of Nutrient Stewardship (right source, right place, right rate, right time) which have led to success in the past.

However, Ag Spectrum challenges growers to think beyond the promoted 4Rs and consider the best approach for their crop’s health. Rather than compromising the true needs of soil and plant health to satisfy convenience, adopt a strategy that will develop a better environment for future generations’ success.

The Maximum Farming System is designed to address the 5Rs by applying the right product, in the right form, in the right amount, at the right time, and in the right place to achieve the highest efficiency possible. This systematic approach leads to improved soil health and strong yields. Delving deeper into this concept, we examine the various growth stages of a corn plant and address the necessity for enhanced nutrient stewardship.

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