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The Maximum Farming System Ensures a Timely Diet for Maximum Growth Potential

For years, we’ve often heard that N, P and K are critical for plant growth. However, much less priority has been given to the importance of micronutrients. In order to achieve optimum crop performance, it is essential to understand micronutrients and their vital role in both sufficiency and timing. 

Each developmental stage in the crop’s life cycle has very specific needs and requirements to achieve ultimate performance. Similar to the macronutrients, there is typically a base level availability...

The 19th Class of No-Till Innovators was recognized at the 23rd annual National No-Tillage Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio. The program honors individuals and organizations for their ongoing commitment to and contributions toward advancing agriculture while protecting resources and promoting healthier soils through no-till management.


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Featuring Scott Brockelsby and Derric Eisenmann. Learn how these Ag Spectrum Dealers switched to at-planting applications to help increase fertilizer efficiency and boost yields.

Basic scientists refute potassium practices long held by the industry. Written by Cliff Ramsier.