Balanced Nutrition

Enhancing plant health and vigor is accomplished through proper timing and placement of nutrients. Once appropriate soil structure is established, the next priority is to awaken microbial life within the soil through the application of GroZyme®. Research at The Ohio State University has shown that GroZyme increases soil activity and facilitates the release of N, P, K and micronutrients. GroZyme enhances the root system, leading to greater absorption of nutrients.

A fertile soil environment encourages uptake of nutrients, particularly if nutrients are available at planting time. Specially formulated CleanStart® maximizes kernel numbers and is applied to the seed, while Nitrogen is banded next to the row at planting.

Nutritional needs remain a priority as the crop grows. Side-dressing and foliar feeding are prescribed as needed. Over the years, Ag Spectrum has funded extensive research on foliar feeding, discovering that when the proper materials are absorbed through a plant’s leaves at the right time, energy production is sustained, yields increase, and soil test values improve.