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Maximum Farming

Putting It All Together for Maximum Success

Soil provides a nurturing bed for seedlings and contains a multitude of primary, secondary and trace nutrients necessary for a plant’s optimum health. However, a plant’s genetic performance is limited by the least available nutrient and its ability to uptake nutrients at the right time. Highly productive soils feature a healthy microbial community and result in increased nutritional quality, increased genetic performance, and increased yields.


Plant growth and development depends upon maximizing the effects of photosynthesis. Enrich plant health by planting seeds in productive soils, getting the stand off to a good start, provide the right nutrients when the plant can use it most, and identify potential stresses and ways to minimize those stresses before they hit.  A healthy plant features broad leaves and full kernels/pods.


Energy drives the entire crop production system through chemical, physical and biological processes.  The plant’s ability to harness the sun’s energy, to produce high-quality yields and transfer that energy to the kernel results in increased yields, improved feed quality, and ultimately increases your return on investment.


While achieving improvements to your bottom line and increasing yield are often the key measures for success in farming, we challenge you to think beyond traditional yields. Do you see early crop differentials compared to your neighbors? Have you measured the feed quality of your grain? Are you improving the microbial environment in your soil? The Maximum Farming System is more than yield data, it’s a way of life that improves the well-being of all.


Equipment Exchange

$72,500.00 OBO
Listed: 11/17/15
Row shut off's, 2020 monitor with precision meters, smartbox insecticide, many extra features. Field ready. Very nice and solid planter. Call for more details.
$750 each
Listed: 11/06/15
These are the long spring openers for the NT planters. They have been totally torn down and rebuilt. Any worn, bent, or broken parts have been replaced. They are set up with liquid boots, new...
$17500 OBO
Listed: 04/15/15
These saddle tanks had been used with a John Deere 8320T. They are +/- 450 gallons a piece for 900 gallons total capacity between the pair. Powder-coated John Deere Green; all the plumbing comes with
Listed: 04/15/15
2004 Yetter All-Steer pull cart. Good condition, no tank, frame only. Tire tred is 50%
$59500 OBO
Listed: 04/15/15
16 Row Twin Row on 30" Centers. Ground drive pump for in-furrow starter and hydraulic pump for 28% N between the twins. precision Planting 20/20 seed sense, No-Till Coulters, Row Cleaners, 1200...

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